Facilities Monitoring


Video footage example

Times have changed and the days of leaving buildings and equipment unguarded are sadly over. Don’t become a statistic – fight back!


SmartLink Farm Monitoring features:

  • Smart locks let you give workers/deliveries/etc codes for access so you know when they arrive
  • Door/window/motion sensors alert you via text/email if someone enters your outbuildings
  • Lights and cameras capture photographic evidence to help catch criminals – and send them right to your smartphone
  • Sirens scare off intruders before they get started

Why choose SmartLink?

TRUST: SmartLink is installed, setup and serviced by Partner Communications Cooperative. As a member-owned, rural coop, we KNOW service!

EASE OF USE: If you can push a button on a phone or tablet, you can use SmartLink!

VALUE: Simple and rugged components and tremendous function make SmartLink the best smart farm solution available!

CREATIVITY: Unlike other companies that simply install kits from manufacturers, we custom-design solutions that are more affordable, efficient and effective!

EXPANDABLE: From grain bins to your home to the buildings in between, you can control your entire farmstead right from your tablet, smartphone or computer.

Best of all, it’s EASY!

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