Livestock Monitoring


Livestock monitoring

We’ve all been there. Constant trips in the cold and wet to check on a calving or lambing situation –robbing you of rest and keeping you tied to one spot. What if you could just grab your smartphone, tablet or computer to SEE what’s going on? Or to check the barn temperature in extreme conditions? Or even know when a water trough is low?

SmartLink Livestock Monitoring features:

  • Cameras to monitor any barn/enclosure/pasture
  • Automatic lighting
  • Moisture sensors for troughs
  • Internet-based so you can access from anywhere

Why choose SmartLink?

TRUST: SmartLink is installed, setup and serviced by Partner Communications Cooperative. As a member-owned, rural coop, we KNOW service!

EASE OF USE: If you can push a button on a phone or tablet, you can use SmartLink!

VALUE: Simple and rugged components and tremendous function make SmartLink the best smart farm solution available!

CREATIVITY: Unlike other companies that simply install kits from manufacturers, we custom-design solutions that are more affordable, efficient and effective!

EXPANDABLE: From grain bins to your home to the buildings in between, you can control your entire farmstead right from your tablet, smartphone or computer.

Best of all, it’s EASY!

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